Christian Autobiography- new Author.

Carol~Grace Buckman. Eye of the Storm Ministries.


My name is Carol~Grace Buckman, age 71. I’m a retired University and School Librarian who has lived and worked in five Nations. Then later, I served as a Voluntary Intercessory Missionary at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. 2003-2006, where I learned to Live by Faith and Walk in the Spirit! The Exciting Life!

Licensed as Minister of the Gospel, Keelville, S.E. Kansas USA 20th December 2005

Born in Colombo, Ceylon (Sri Lanka) in November 1945, then by sea voyages to and from my homeland, England. As a babe (1946) with my first Birthday in Ticehurst, East Sussex. At four years of age, I found myself in a Boarding school, ‘Hookstead’, Crowborough, West Sussex for a year, prior to returning to Colombo with my family at the age of five. My older sister was there with me for the first term, prior to moving to the Legat Ballet School in Wadhurst, East Sussex My Father had six months furlough every three years, from his work with Walkers & Sons, an import export company, where he worked for his brother-in-law. Walkers & Sons were similar to the East India Trading Co., exporting Ceylon Tea to England and Importing all the requirements of the Ex-Pats. We migrated to Australia in January 1952 until January 1992. I was married with one son who is married with three children.

Although I’m reasonably adept at technology, however,  I am finding this site difficult to understand; especially how to set up my new blog and to use this site. I am slowly following  the instructions but making a huge mess! So would appreciate some help and advice, to sort out and delete all my mistakes, please? Even the theme which I chose is not showing, but a picture of ‘two pairs of feet’! Oh dear me …

I have set up this site to communicate with Christian Authors, whilst I am writing my first book: My life’s journey: ‘Through the Storm: A Journey of Healing and Transformation’. Publisher: Xlibris, A subsidiary of Penguin, Random House, t.b.a. 2017.

The aim of this book is to share the Goodness of the Lord in my Journey through life’s storms. It is all for His Glory! In particular, the most difficult Season of Storms, due the Loss of our Business and home in Australia 1990-1992 and subsequent return to England 1992. Followed by divorce in 1996 , followed by a total collapse; a huge breakdown and in a wheelchair, not walking for five and a half years! I was so deeply broken that this season was a very long, slow journey back to health. My heart reached out for my Lord and Saviour for His Healing Presence. I read many Christian books during this time, including my Bible from cover to cover annually for five years! Watched God TV, which had launched in 1997 and being washed by His Word, being read softly on the radio in my bedroom overnight. My Spirit was deeply filled by the Holy Spirit and slowly I healed through His Amazing Wonderful Love and His Great Grace!

… to be continued …